Tiny Thief Game Review

Tiny Thief Android gameTiny Thief is a game that is designed fro all ages and will entertain those that enjoy games that are fun and happy. The game is essentially a cute puzzle game that involves a little character who uses wit and skill to out trick the bad characters that come in his way.
The game is set in a medieval land and features a range of interesting characters from other time periods, such as robots and pirates. the game is like a traditional point and click adventure in its overall style. However, there is still a lot of tricky interactive puzzles that will confuse even the most skilled gamers along the way.
The game consists of six adventures that involve the crafty art of stealing and sneaking around, much like thief’s do. The game is full of surprises that will keep it interesting through out. Make your way as the tiny thief through each level finding treasure and unlocking new levels. This should appeal to gamers of all ages.

More than gaming is available – Premier Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea moisture creamWhen you have an android tablet you can still access many applications that can benefit you. And those applications don’t all have to be about games and fun, sometimes they can be useful information, and shopping as well. Those applications are designed to bring you the information you want in order to make informed decisions on a future purchase.

Premier Dead Sea is an android application that can be found on Google Play and it holds some of the best dead sea items that money can buy. Have these items shipped directly to you or read up on what they can do for you. There are tons of different Dead Sea creams and lotions all with the healing properties that only come from this region of the world. With over 150 different items to choose from you are sure to find one that will not only serve your needs like it did for me, but at a price that you can afford. And having them accessible through the use of your phone or tablet is even better.

Have the catalog with you wherever you go – H&B On The Go

H&B Dead SeaYears ago, before the age of digital technology at your fingertips if you wanted to look at an advertisement you had to look in the paper and carry it with you so you wouldn’t forget. And those once or twice a year catalogs could get quite thick and heavy, making it hard to leave the house with.

Now thanks to some fantastic leaps and the help of Android application you can carry that catalog with you. H&B On The Go is one of these catalogs that premieres products that are made from natural ingredients in the Dead Sea. This mineral rich environment, combined with the location and the air make this place one of the healthiest in the world. Those health and beauty products are said to rejuvenate your skin, and bring back new life to your face and body. Lotions, creams and different styles of them all are all available through the use of the H&B Dead Sea On The Go application.

Combine the H&B On The Go application to your phone or tablet and always have those products ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice. Shoe it off to your friends or perhaps just read up on all the great products this company has. Either way it is much lighter and easier to access than those old thick catalog books.

Where’s My Water? Game Review

Where's My WaterWhere’s My Water? is a new 5-star game from the makers of Disney specifically targeted for adults and children to enhance your mental puzzle-solving skills whilst having fun at the same time.

Players make their way through 4 unique storylines featuring characters called Swampy, Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck which between them have over 500 puzzles for you to solve. Help Swampy get water to his shower, guide Allie on getting the steam she needs to power her musical instruments, clear the algae on Cranky’s plate so he can eat all his food and find all kinds of surprises in Mystery Duck’s chapter.

This stimulating games make you use your creativity to solve the puzzles and with bonus levels, special items designed for each character and brand new levels that get added every week it will keep you entertained.

Enjoy this game for free now! Some levels will require a small additional fee but from the makers of Disney and hundreds of other popular android games, you can guarantee it will be worth it.

Cut The Rope: Experiments review

Cut The Rope Android GameThe latest version of Cut The Rope lets players continue the adventure that was made so popular in the original game. The game focuses on a special package that arrives at a house and must be fed to a little monster. The game lets you feed the little monster by cutting the rope to the package.
In this game you team up with a scientist who wishes to study the little monsters character through a number of experiments. You must use weird suction cups to collect gold stars and find secret prizes, so as to unlock new levels.
The new features in this game includes 8 different packs, with up to 200 different levels. The game also includes the same great game play as the original and features even greater graphics. There are also new super powers that were not in the original. The game also includes free updates that introduce new levels and items. This should be just as popular as the original and will introduce the little monster to a whole new audience.